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She's back in black! Kim Kardashian West has ditched her platinum blond look and has gone back to her more natural hue.

The reality star was spotted around Beverly Hills on March 26 looking like her dark-haired pre-March self. When Kim originally went blonde, she told media that the hairstyle likely wouldn't last too long, and she was right.

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"She just did blonde for a moment and wanted to be back dark before she goes to Armenia next week," a source told PEOPLE of the hair switch.

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Us Weekly said the maintenance of keeping the blond look became a little annoying, too.

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On March 25, Kim posted a selfie on herself with blond hair, so the transformation happened rather quickly.

Of her 3-week blonde look, which she unveiled during Paris Fashion Week, Kim told PEOPLE, "It was a really last minute decision, and I loved taking this risk. It's a fun look, but I'm not sure how long it'll last — but it's a fun break for now."

Break is over. Back to life as a brunette.