Jackson Lee / Splash News 1 / 5
Jackson Lee / Splash News 1 / 5

Lamar Odom is reportedly hospitalized with intubation after being found unconscious at a Nevada brothel on Tuesday, Oct. 13.

Odom was reportedly partying at the infamous Love Ranch South in Pahrump, Nevada, over the last few days. He was said to be hooking up with the women and aided by an herbal substitute for Viagra. It’s not known if he was taking other drugs.

But on Tuesday, TMZ claims Odom was found unconscious in his Love Ranch room, with “fluid streaming out of his mouth.” He was rushed to the local hospital and intubated, reportedly unable to breathe on his own.

The site says Odom is being airlifted to a Las Vegas medical center for further treatment. TMZ describes the NBA player as “fighting for his life,” but this has NOT been confirmed. Gossip Cop will have updates.

Odom was allegedly deep into drugs when he and Khloe Kardashian split more than a year ago. In July, the estranged spouses signed their divorce papers, though they have not been finalized by a judge yet. On a recent episode of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” filmed in June, Kardashian expressed her worry that Odom would “spiral” after the death of his childhood best friend, Jamie Sangouthai.

They were still in touch at the time, with Kardashian explaining that she would always care for him. In August, however, they had a run-in outside a gym, with Kardashian’s camp accusing Odom of essentially stalking her, while he claimed she was set-up. Kardashian had not yet commented on the report of his hospitalization. Again, Gossip Cop will be updating.