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Peter Kramer / AP 1 / 12

Twitter spells trouble for LeAnn Rimes. The "Spitfire" singer, 31, seems to be constantly embroiled in a war of words with someone on the micro-blogging site -- often her husband's ex-wife Brandi Glanville -- and she got into it again on Nov. 23, this time with her own ex, Dean Sheremet.

The latest drama started when Twitter user Da Giggle Factory tweeted an old photo of the country star along with the caption, "Remember the good old days when @leannrimes was just a chubby country bumpkin married to a gay dude?"

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Rimes -- now wed to Eddie Cibrian, with whom she famously had an affair in 2009 -- laughed off the remark as a joke. But Sheremet, married to photographer Sarah Silver, didn't think the quip was so funny.

"Laugh away -- Who's the bully now?" the dancer-turned-chef tweeted at Rimes, whom he divorced in 2010 after eight years of marriage. "I don't do Twitter wars, but I do hate ignorance. Being gay isn't offensive, not standing up for the truth is."

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That prompted a response from another Twitter user, who defended Rimes' earlier comment about choosing to laugh at the original post. "Exactly, dear lord. I was laughing at myself," the singer clarified.

She also emphasized her strong ties to the gay community. "No, [Dean's] not gay and there's nothing wrong [with] it," she tweeted. "I have always & will always support the community."

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Sheremet, who does charity work with Wellness in the Schools, tells Us Weekly he was upset not that someone said he was gay but that it was perceived as an insult -- and that Rimes didn't say otherwise.

"What I was offended by was someone using the term gay as a slur and her not defending it," the food blogger (and Thanksgiving Good Day L.A. guest host) told Us. "I don't care about me. I've learned not to take things personally. This was out of respect to my many gay friends and fans."


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