They both vie for Jennifer Lawrence's affection in The Hunger Games, but in real life, there's no rivalry between Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson.

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In fact, the film's leading men even toyed with the idea of moving in together after shooting the highly-anticipated movie. "It was a small idea at one point. I don't think it was a realistic idea," Hutcherson told Us Weekly at Sony Playstation PS Vita launch in Hollywood Wednesday.

The thought crossed their mind "over beers," Hutcherson explained. "Like, 'Yeah, man, let's move in together! Let's do it!' Something like that."

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Hemsworth, 22, said the two developed a "bromance" on the North Carolina set. "We got pretty close," he explained. "Actually, I knew Josh before we shot the film. My brother had shot Red Dawn with him and we'd met a few times. It was great to work with him."

The Australian actor, who's going strong with love of two years Miley Cyrus, added that he's only seen "bits and pieces" of The Hunger Games ahead of its March 30 release.

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"I'm really dying to see it," Hemsworth told Us. "Any of the actual Games stuff I think is going to be really cool. I haven't seen any of that."

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