@liamhemsworth / Instagram 1 / 10
@liamhemsworth / Instagram 1 / 10

Like daddy like doggy!

The Internet is suffering from a severe case of puppy love after Liam Hemsworth's latest Instagram picture.

The actor posted a snap on Sept. 22 showing him mimicking his beloved dog, Tani. Liam opened his eyes as wide as they could go and stuck out his tongue, making the same pose that Tani was doing.

"It's hot…" he simply captioned the shot, viewed by his 373,000 followers. In just 2 hours, the image was liked more than 43,000 times.

The cute snap just proves what we've already known, that Liam is head over heels for this girl. Earlier in the week, he shared another image of his pooch while she hung her head out the window of a car.

Of the image, Liam wrote, "My special girl. #Tani #RescueDog."

Liam is just too doggone cute.