London Entertainment / Splash News 1 / 14
London Entertainment / Splash News 1 / 14

Lindsay Lohan's efforts to clean up her act as well as the Los Angeles county morgue are finally off to a start.

Sources tell TMZ that the troubled 25-year-old worked hard during her 8-hour community service on Friday, where she washed soiled linens, scrubbed toilets and got down on her hands and knees to clean the floors.

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The "Mean Girls" actress appeared to be enjoying the duties and socialized with other volunteers during her session, which started at 7 a.m. -- despite having showed up late and missing her Thursday orientation.

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After committing the faux-pas, Lohan sent over three dozen cupcakes plus burgers from the popular fast food joint In-And-Out to the staff and volunteers as an apology.

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Unfortunately, her gourmet gesture was rejected. Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter told TMZ he turned away the cupcake delivery guy because the move was simply, "unacceptable," and adding, "We're not here to accept food."