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INI / Fame Flynet 1 / 14

Lindsay Lohan has broken her sobriety pact by drinking wine since leaving rehab.

The troubled actress vowed to stay away from alcohol and drugs since she finished her court-ordered treatment in July last year, but she has now confessed she relapsed by indulging in some wine.

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Lohan made the admission during the the latest episode of her documentary series "Lindsay," which aired on Sunday.

The 27-year-old was enraged when caught off-guard by her life coach A.J. Johnson who asked if she had been drinking, claiming that her mother Dina had seen her with alcohol, but Lohan denied the allegations and stormed off.

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However, Lohan later admits she did relapse, confessing she drank to ease the stress from a troubled relationship with an unnamed boyfriend.

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She says, "I rushed into a relationship ... and I jumped right into a relationship where we weren't on the same page. I wasn't considering the fact that the person I was seeing does drink and yeah ... I had some wine... Yeah, f--- it, I screwed up and that's OK."

She also vowed to never let a setback happen again, claiming she felt "so much guilt" for slipping.