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After three months of court-ordered rehab, Lindsay Lohan was seen stepping out of Cliffside Malibu on Tuesday evening and into a waiting SUV.

Wearing a blue polka-dot dress, fringe jacket and wide smile, she headed to see a show at a playhouse in Topanga, Calif., according to E! News.

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What happens next, though, remains somewhat unclear. Sources tell TMZ that the 26-year-old actress will get some help in keeping her nose clean from a sober living coach, with whom she'll work for three to four days, possibly at a sober living facility in Los Angeles before returning to New York. The site also reported that Lohan had booked a one-way flight to Europe, where she's expected to join the cast of her new film, "The Canyons," at its screening at the Venice Film Festival in Italy.

Lohan's latest stint in rehab stemmed from a car crash on the Pacific Coast Highway last summer, and has been relatively drama-free compared to previous trips to treatment. During a 2012 stay at the Betty Ford Center, Lohan allegedly had an altercation with an employee named Dawn Holland who claimed Lohan had physically assaulted her when Holland tried to administer a Breathalyzer test. Holland believed Lohan had snuck out of the facility. (She subsequently lost her job and the pair settled the lawsuit.)

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This time around -- her seventh rehab venture -- was not without its wrinkles: Lohan transferred facilities a number of times, beginning her stay at Morningside Recovery Center, then moving to Betty Ford before arriving at Cliffside.

Still, she was purportedly "a different person" in the program, and seems to be making a strong recovery.

Speaking to Vulture this week, "The Canyons" director Paul Schrader candidly addressed a now infamous New York Times report that illustrated how Lohan had, in Schrader's words, "hijacked" the movie. The director said when they were filming, he had hoped a new and improved Lindsay would show up on set and prove everyone wrong.

"Well, the new Lindsay didn't show up. The old Lindsay showed up," he told Vulture in the Q&A. He also said he's optimistic that another "storyline" could emerge when the actress joins him and the cast in Venice.

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"... This movie has had two story lines, we're on our third storyline right now, and hopefully, we have a fourth one," he explained. "The first one was 'Paul and Bret [Easton Ellis] make a movie,' the second one was 'The Lindsay Lohan horror show,' the third one is 'Hey, it's pretty good after all,' and hopefully — fingers crossed — the fourth one will be 'Lindsay has a career again.'"