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Lisa Rinna has given the kiss-off to her bumpy upper lip.

On the "Today" show Tuesday, she revealed that she had surgery in August to reduce its size.

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Rinna, 47, famously had silicone injected into her upper lip in 1996, making her the butt of many jokes and harassment. In April, she fired back at a heckler on Twitter who told her that her lips looked "awful." "Shame on you!" she shot back.

Rinna, who just released a novel, "Starlit," told "Today" host Meredith Vieira she simply "no longer wanted my lip to be what defines me."

She said she "never thought" she could do anything about it.

Said Rinna, "I thought you have silicone put in, it's permanent."

But while shooting her new TV Land reality show, "Harry Loves Lisa," with husband Harry Hamlin, she learned she could do something.

"I was like, 'Yes! Let's do it!'" said Rinna, who has six more months of healing to go.

Hamlin, who appeared on the "Today" show with her, said he never cared how his wife looked.

"I fell in love with those lips," he said. "I kissed those lips for 18 years. There's nothing wrong with them, I can tell you that."

But news of Rinna's lip reduction was overshadowed by another event. While appearing on the show promoting "Harry Loves Lisa," Hamlin took a phone call alerting him of a robbery at the couple's store, Belle Gray. Hamlin's phone conversation indicated that the robbers took piles of clothes but that no one in the store was injured.

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Rinna continued the interview by explaining that Belle Gray has been broken into twice before and that the alarm company should've been more proactive during the robbery.

After calming down, Rinna said, "Our reality show is about all this stuff that happens all the time."

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