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Kevin Mazur / WireImage 1 / 20

Madonna and her daughter Lourdes trade insults in an online spoof video to launch the singer's search for the new face of her Material Girl clothing line.

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In the four-minute video, Madonna is seen squabbling with her daughter in a dressing room as an aide styles her hair.

As the pop star tells Lourdes her image of the perfect model for the line, her daughter, 15, adopts the guise of a sulky teenager, texting on her phone and eating a plate of fruit while partially ignoring her mom's chat.

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Her attitude prompts Madonna to tell her, "You're not taking this seriously" and then dismiss her with the word "whatevs", provoking Lourdes into replying, "We don't say that anymore."

The exchange ends with Madonna accusing her daughter of being "looksist and ageist" before asking, "Have you done your homework?"

Auditions for the face of the Material Girl line, who Madonna insists must be a "woman-girl-female-child," will be held in New York, Miami, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles next month.

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