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Open your heart and your tour bus door! Madonna is up in arms with several of her dancers after their alleged marijuana smoking led to her tour buses to be "torn apart" by customs officials at the United States/Canada border.

Customs officials did a thorough search of the Material Girl's buses, costing her valuable time and money, according to Radar Online.

"There was total drama on the Madonna tour Saturday night at the Canadian border," the source told the site. "Dancers were caught smoking pot on tour bus -- so the other five buses were torn apart by customs. The search took hours."

Madge is said to be livid with the delay and her dancers.

"Madonna was furious," the source said. "There will be ramifications for those involved, if not from law enforcement, certainly from Madge herself!"

The source continued, "The delay will result in tens of thousands of dollars in extra expenses."

Radar said it is not yet known if customs has charged any of the dancers in relation to the incident.