Katy Winn / Invision/AP 1 / 5
Katy Winn / Invision/AP 1 / 5

The white rabbit has a few tricks up his sleeves and it has nothing to do with "Alice in Wonderland"!

Wonderwall.com recently caught up with "Dancing With the Stars" pro Mark Ballas who had some exciting news to share: he's quit smoking! "I wanted to do it, I was tired of losing energy and it was affecting my cardio when I was dancing, so it was time," he revealed in anticipation of the "What's Your Why?" Smoke Swap Event, which will be held in New York City's Times Square on May 27 and encourages former smokers to share their journey to becoming cigarette free.

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And it's a good thing he decided to ditch his bad habit, because the "DWTS" pro had to keep up with 14-year-old Williow Shields on the dance floor this season. "We rarely took breaks…only for snack time," he revealed. "We would be in there working extremely hard, sweating and just getting down to rehearsal -- there was no dilly-dallying or messing around. It was awesome!"

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This season was like no other and Mark had more fun than ever coming up with creative performances."I'd say my favorite piece was probably the 'Alice in Wonderland' one," he dished to Wonderwall.com. "I think it's one of my favorites of all time to be honest with you. I just loved it! It's just so cool and enchanting and Willow IS Alice. She just became the character and she looked perfect, the dress was awesome, the costuming was awesome, the music was stunning. It's one of my favorite pieces up to date."

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So what advice does Mark give those who also want to nix their cigarette habit? "If you want to quit and want to live a healthier lifestyle is just that you have to dive head first into it. That's the great thing about NicoDerm CQ patches and gum -- it can work for every different person. Some people would want to use the gum, some people want to use the patch. For me, the patch was the only way because I'm so active during the day and I have to be constantly on the move."