Dan Steinberg / R-STEINBERG 1 / 6
Dan Steinberg / R-STEINBERG 1 / 6

Actress Mayim Bialik is planning to return to work on Thursday, just a day after she was hospitalized following a car accident in Los Angeles.

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The former "Blossom" star was driving her white Volvo on Wednesday when it collided with another vehicle, and she was rushed to a nearby medical facility for treatment to an injured left thumb.

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Reports suggested she may lose the digit, but her husband Michael Stone assured fans on Twitter.com that his wife will keep all her fingers.

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Bialik is now preparing to head back to the set of "The Big Bang Theory" just 24 hours after the accident.

A representative for the hit TV show tells industry website TheWrap.com on Wednesday, "(She) is doing fine and will be returning to work tomorrow. She thanks everyone for their concern."