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She's best known as the bubbly star of "Bridesmaids," but Melissa McCarthy is revealing her hidden dark side to Anderson Cooper, and has a sneak peak of the upcoming episode.

"We actually have a picture of you from high school," Cooper teases McCarthy on Monday's episode of his talk show, as he revealed a snap-shot of her boasting a Kate Gosselin style asymmetrical hair cut.

"But pre, pre-Kate, pre-Kate. Oh, my God, that is terrible," Melissa laughed.

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The Emmy Award winning "Mike And Molly" star explained how she turned from a clean-cut Catholic school girl to a dark-clothed wearing goth over the course of a summer to be voted 'Most Punk' by her fellow students.

"I played tennis, I was on student council, I was a cheerleader," McCarthy explained, then she underwent a dramatic transformation and came back a new person.

"I had blue black hair that I'd shave in patches, and wear turtle necks for pants," she said. "It kind of made them like harem pants. I would put my neck through the sleeves and then have safety pins and let it hang.

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"My mom loved it and so did the nuns!" she laughed.

The funny girl from Plainfield, Illinois, attended the St. Francis Academy (now called Joliet Catholic Academy) in nearby Joliet, where she was a favorite among the teachers who remember her fondly.

"She was a late bloomer. She was an ordinary kid in high school but was always very funny and had a quick wit and a great sense of humor," explained the sister, who is now campus minister at the Catholic school," Sister Barbara Kwiatkowski, who was the Dean of Students at St. Francis Academy when Melissa was at the school told


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