Meryl Streep critiques Lisa Kudrow's outfit in a new clip from Lisa's web series, "Web Therapy."

In the all-improv web series, Kudrow plays a Fiona Wallice, a therapist who conducts sessions via video chat. Meryl guest stars as Camilla Bowner, a renowned sexual orientation therapist.

A floral-bedecked Camilla tells Fiona, dressed all in black, "I really apologize for imposing on you, on … this very sad day for you. I didn't realize you were going to a funeral."

"No, I'm not going to a funeral. Why would you think that I'm going to a funeral?" Fiona replies.

"Oh, I'm so sorry! You were dressed in a way that looked so sad!" Camilla replies in the clip. Click above to see the full preview.

The web series is now in its third season and past guest stars include Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Courteney Cox, Molly Shannon, Selma Blair, Jane Lynch and more.

Lisa, who co-executive produces the series, told Time Out Chicago, "A few years ago, we were asked if we wanted to come up with a web series, and the answer was, 'No, not really.' When I dismiss something out of hand, my brain just keeps working on it anyway. I kept thinking, Something on the web should really be about the web. Then I thought the dumbest thing in the world, which could be funny, is a therapist who will only do sessions online for three minutes with an iChat. It's just a really bad idea."

The New York Times and several other outlets reported earlier this year that Showtime will begin airing the series on TV in 2011.

You can catch Meryl on "Web Therapy" starting on Monday, November 8, at

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