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Though we know Michelle Duggar as the always-chipper mother hen of the Duggar family, she hasn't always been happy in her life or with her body.

"Before I came to know the Lord, I had been struggling in my self worth, just feeling like I needed to measure up to all my friends," Michelle said in a clip of an upcoming "19 Kids and Counting" episode. "I began to have a wrong view of who I was, I gained weight so easily."

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Michelle has opened up about her adolescent struggles with bulimia before, having documented them in the book "Growing Up Duggar," but she seemed to elaborate a little more in the video clips.

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"I ended up starting a bad habit of making myself get sick after I ate," she said. "As I was in that process, no one knew."

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The fertile mother has certainly moved past her eating disorder, but it was hard to break the habit of self-inflicting vomit. Healthy eating and exercise now are a big part of her life.

"I think all girls struggle with the same body issues," she says in the clip. "The struggle is always going to be there."