Whittle / Benassi / Splash News 1 / 12
Whittle / Benassi / Splash News 1 / 12

Reality TV star Heidi Montag is planning to showcase her cosmetically overhauled new body in her own line of clothes.

"The Hills" star recently underwent ten cosmetic surgery procedures including breast augmentation, and she has already begun working on designs for a clothing line to showcase her new assets.

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The 23-year-old wants to eventually launch a couture collection, followed by a budget line for her fans, as well as a bikini collection.

She tells People.com, "Most of my inspiration comes from old movies and I have tons of books on old Hollywood. I just love the magnificence of that time: The sequins, the sexiness. I want to capture the true luster of Hollywood in all my designs."

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"This is just the beginning. I'd really love to eventually wear mostly my only designs. And I really would love to do a low end line [for my] fans and it can be really accessible, and then a one of a kind couture line to really showcase my creativity. Look out for my bikini line this summer!"

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