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By Melissa Hunter

While Hollywood mourns Bea Arthur, another Golden Girl may be seeing some revitalization in her, um, extra-golden years.

E! Online reports that Neil Patrick Harris wants Betty White to guest star on "How I Met Your Mother." Not only would he like her to guest star, but he also wants her to be the newest love interest for his womanizing character, Barney Stinson.

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NPH tells E! Online, "I think Barney should hook up with Betty White at some point. That's my big pitch. We'll see if it happens."

Rose & Doogie romance? This is the stuff Nielsen's ratings magic is made of.

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White's agent responded, "Have someone make me an offer. I do hope, though, that Barney is really up to dating Betty. She will run him ragged."

Now that's agent-ing at its finest ... or is it pimping? Whatever. Tomato, tom-ah-to.

At the "Love N' Dancing" premiere, White reacted to the offer, saying, "Ohhh, wouldn't that be fun? I would love that. I'm a big fan of his."

When asked about a potential story line, she said, "I would hit on him. I know that much." That's pretty much all the story line we need. Except maybe throw in a pregnancy scare, just to mix things up.

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While White said she's leaving the "Dancing With the Stars" senior-actress fame to Cloris Leachman, we hope she'll head back into scripted TV. She's already been cast on "My Name Is Earl" on which she plays a crazy witch lady. You see, in Hollywood's eyes, there are three parts for women over the age of 70: witch, overgrown cougar, and grandmother. Betty's way too rad to be a regular grandma, so we're hoping she'll just get a corner on the market for crazy overgrown cougar-witch-ladies. You've got our vote, Betty.