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Patsy Lynch / Retna Ltd. 1 / 6

The Jonas Bros won't be attending the MTV VMAs this year -- but that's not because Russell Brand is hosting again.

The guys were slammed by the British comic for wearing purity rings and remaining virgins in 2008, but they don't hold it against him. Nick says he wouldn't mind -- too much -- if Brand digs on him and his brothers again.

"As far as his comments were concerned, what we said from the beginning was that he seemed to run out of material -- but if we're the butt of his jokes, it's kind of a compliment in a bizarre way," he tells the BBC.

Hosting the show, which airs Sept. 13, is "great for him," Nick adds. "He has form and ultimately he does a great job.

"We hope he has a good time this year," Nick goes on.

Pink, Taylor Swift and Green Day are expected to perform.

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