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This week, Paris Hilton repeatedly tweeted about the "amazing" two-hour massages she received. "Much needed," she noted before one of her rubdowns. Turns out it wasn't boyfriend-related tension that the starlet needed relieving.

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As reported on Monday, Paris deep-sixed boyfriend Doug Reinhardt after about a year of light bulb dating (i.e., on and off), but the breakup actually happened several weeks back, according to E! News.

"Paris has been over him for a while and felt bad ending it," tattles a spy. "She broke up with him weeks ago."

The Doug-dumping apparently delighted Hilton's parents, Kathy and Rick, who were reportedly overheard telling their daughter over a celebratory family dinner at Los Angeles eatery Dan Tana's on Wednesday how "relieved" they are that she's flying solo again.

Hilton's rep confirms that she and Reinhardt have parted ways, which makes this the second time they've called it quits (they also fizzled out in June, only to reconcile a couple months later). However, this breakup could stick.

Despite rumblings that Doug is trying to win back his so-called "Angel Princess," "She hasn't seen him in almost a month," relays a snitch.

Why did Hilton kick Reinhardt to the curb? Word is, she suspected he was using her to garner attention for a TV project he's producing.

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"He was trying to force Paris into doing his reality show and that caused an argument," a source tells E!. "She has her own show going on."

Adds another insider, "She felt like he didn't love her for the right reasons."

As for rumors that Paris was partying in Las Vegas last weekend with Reggie Bush, the ex-boyfriend of her frenemy Kim Kardashian, she insists that wasn't the case.

"Can't a girl have a night out in Las Vegas with her sister without fake stories being posted," she railed on Monday. "That story is a ridiculous lie. 100% FALSE."

Many took that to mean Hilton was still with Doug, a misinterpretation that she was quick to correct: "Obviously not everyone knew what I was referring to in my tweet yesterday. It was about the very untrue rumors regarding Reggie."

Besides, a Paris mole tells E!, "She wouldn't do that to Kim."

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