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Has Paris Hilton upgraded from a reality show sidekick to an Academy Award-winning actor? The rumor mill is doing that photo assumption thing it does so well after pictures surfaced of the Doug Reinhardt-ditching starlet enjoying a tête-à-tête with Adrien Brody at the Cannes Film Festival on Tuesday night.

Shutterbugs snapped the pair looking pretty darn tactile as they mixed and mingled with Paris' little sister Nicky and the execrable Brandon Davis during a Chanel bash at the VIP Club.

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In one shot, Hilton's lips are pressed against the awesomely schnozzed actor's cheek, and her hand rests on his back; in another, he's making what we're sure was a scintillating observation directly into her ear.

The last move was a bold one considering that Paris, who spent the earlier part of the evening at the World Music Awards in Monaco, was sporting enormous, cornea-searing diamond earrings.

"They seemed very comfortable with each other," an onlooker tells E! News. "They were both laughing and having what seemed to be a really funny conversation."

But what to make of Hilton checking her watch right in front of Brody. Was she saying, "It's time we took this somewhere a little more private?" Or perhaps she was making the universal gesture for, "Bored now. Minions, get this guy away from me."

Turns out it was probably more like, "Everyone, look at my sparkly new things!" In an excited tweet, she revealed that she'd been given "the most beautiful earrings on Earth and the most incredible watch" by a "secret admirer."

Paris had good reason to be so gushy: The baubles are rumored to be worth about $2 million apiece, probably a bit more than an indie flick-preferring actor like Adrien can toss around.

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Still, Tuesday night's shindig wasn't Hilton and Brody's only together-time. It seems they were also spotted on a yacht; at Cannes hot spot Billionaire; and cutting a rug at a club in Monaco, according to E!.

Paris' rep didn't respond to our request for comment on her coziness with Adrien, but she's apparently not looking to dive into a romance.

"She thinks he's cool and supersweet, but she isn't interested in anything serious right now," an insider informs E! (Hilton was most recently seen with her ex fiancé, Jason Shaw). "She said they were friends and that's it."

Brody, for his part, appears to be casting a wide net.

Life & Style says he was recently spied in a wholesome PDA display at a New York bar with "Mad Men" blonde January Jones.

"They held hands in full view of everyone," says an eyewitness, presumably while clutching his or her pearls.

The Halle Berry-bussing thespian has been on the market since calling it quits last year with Spanish actress Elsa Pataky, who quickly rebounded with French eye candy Olivier Martinez.

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