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By Kat Giantis

Why did Jake Gyllenhaal fly all the way to Nashville to have dinner with Taylor Swift weeks after he abruptly ended their brief but tabloid-topping romance over the phone?

"Jake went to Nashville to see if there was anything still between them, if they could recapture the magic," a source tells Us Weekly (via Celebitchy). "Sadly, it wasn't there."

The mag says the actor's Jan. 19 visit was a surprise to the doll-faced chart-topper, and not an entirely welcome one.

"Taylor was just getting over Jake," says another spy. "She was thrown."

Seems Gyllenhaal, who supposedly flirted up a storm with several starlets at the Golden Globes, wanted "closure" because he "didn't think they ended things right," explains a snitch, "and he owed it to her to talk face to face."

Good idea in theory, probably not so fun in execution. Oh, and the mole adds, "He said he just wasn't feeling things anymore. He didn't like where things were headed."

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According to the mag, Jake, 30, cushioned the blow by telling Taylor, 21, she's a "sweet girl" and "really special to him."

"He cares for her deeply," says a confidant, "but it's over now."

In Touch, however, has a much different version of events, which involves Gyllenhaal renting a car after his connecting flight was canceled and driving 200 miles so he wouldn't be late for their date.

"He didn't want to stand her up," swoons a snitch. "It was like a romantic movie."

One that just won't end. Come to think of it, we've had about as much closure as we can stand when it comes to this relationship. How about you? Talk to us in the comments.

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