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She had even said yes to the dress.

Before Kat Von D put the brakes on her engagement to Jesse James last week, the tattoo artist and star of TLC's "LA Ink" was nearly ready to walk down the aisle with the motorcycle mogul.

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"She designed a wedding dress," Gil Lopez, executive producer of "LA Ink," tells Us Weekly, noting that eight episodes of the show's new season (Thursdays at 10 p.m. on TLC) follow the couple's whirlwind romance.

"We were really able to document what to all of us involved in the story is a fairy-tale love story," Lopez explained. "We really got full access from the moment they got engaged [in January 2011] and how Jesse asked her father and how he proposed, to all the way through her looking for wedding dresses, [talking] to designers about wedding dresses. She was in love, madly in love."

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One episode gets into depth about Von D's ribcage tattoo with a likeness of James, 42, as a child. "We had [Jesse] come in for the surprise reveal. It was a great moment. ... He was blown away. He said, 'I'm so shocked. I feel like I'm in court.'"

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Also on the show: The 29-year-old star's hunt for the dress. "She designed a wedding dress," Lopez said. "She asked her clothing designers to help her design a wedding dress. We get the wedding story. ... She goes down to Baja, and she and Jesse talk about this being the location they want to get married in."

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How is Von D doing now? "She's bumming," Lopez said, explaining that their long-distance relationship drove a wedge between them. "They were both in love. There was the unfortunate distance that tears things apart, but she really tried and gave it all. ... She really committed to it. Like anybody, if you're going to go on an eight- or nine-month journey and fully commit to someone, when it ends, it's tough. She's got a great attitude."


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