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According to Star magazine, Mariah Carey‘s “excessive drinking is spiraling out of control,” and husband Nick Cannon “has told her she should think about rehab.” But GossipCop has more details.

The supermarket tabloid has an unnamed source who says, “Mariah drinks champagne all day long,” and it’s becoming “more than [Cannon] can handle.”

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Among the reasons Carey is allegedly hitting the bottle, claims the Star, is that “she’s terrified about being a has-been and stressed about having to prove herself with each album.”

Of course, a lot of this article stems from Carey having gotten accidentally intoxicated at the Palm Springs International Film Festival, where she acknowledged she had a few too many glasses of champagne before her acceptance speech.

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And while that incident is verifiable, the other assertions are not.

In fact, a rep for Carey told Gossip Cop that the tabloid’s claims about all-day boozing and Cannon’s hope to haul her off to rehab are “categorically false!”

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