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Remember way back in early September, when Kat Von D publicly declared her love for Jesse James, pointing out that he's "only" her ninth boyfriend? Seems it hasn't taken long for cracks to form in their tatted-up coupling.

An insider tells People magazine that James' recent decision to move from Long Beach, Calif., to Austin, Texas, so his kids could be closer to stepmom Sandra Bullock hasn't sat well with Von D, who is fed up with their "weekend fly-back-and-forth relationship."

The previously PDA-disposed duo was last seen together on Oct. 3, when they were spied kissing and looking "very happy" over lunch. But since then, Kat, 28, hasn't exactly been sitting home alone, tattoo needle in hand, doodling on the last few millimeters of her unmarked skin.

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According to the mag, the "LA Ink" star made the scene at a Slash concert at the House of Blues in Los Angeles on Oct. 5, hanging with ex-boyfriend Nikki Sixx.

"They were on the balcony chatting and ended up disappearing together," relays a spy. "They were acting pretty cozy and chummy."

This week, Von D was spotted "smiling and flirting over an intimate dinner" at a Los Angeles restaurant with another one of her eight apparent exes: Bam Margera (clearly, she has flawless taste in the opposite sex).

"They were being very sweet to each other," says a snitch. "They didn't hang around for long, and after a quick cigarette break, they made a dash for the exit."

But an insider tells People that Von D and the married Margera "are not more than friends." And like a good friend, she turned up Wednesday at the Los Angeles premiere of his new flick, "Jackass 3-D," where she again ended up in the company of Sixx.

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So, is there trouble in tattooed paradise, or could Kat be trying to force Jesse's hand?

Earlier this week, the mistress-collecting motorcycle mogul's second ex-wife, former porn star Janine Lindemulder, predicted that he would soon return to the West Coast.

"I would not be surprised in the least if Jesse was back in California within six months," she sniped to Radar Online. "He did everything that he could to try and win Sandra Bullock back, but it just didn't wash, and now that he has Kat in his life, why would he stay in Texas?"

Besides, adds Lindemulder, who has been battling James over custody of their 6-year-old daughter, Sunny, "All of his friends are in California and he was like a fish out of water in Austin, which is really Sandra's town. The sad part is that he made the kids move there and now he will have to bring them all back again. He's a narcissist, and if it means being with Kat Von D and all the publicity that will bring, then I'm sure he will go for it."

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