@robertdowneyjr / Twitter 1 / 11
@robertdowneyjr / Twitter 1 / 11

Game. Set. Match. Robert Downey Jr. won the Internet on March 5.

The "Iron Man" star posted one of the most incredible throwback photos we've ever seen on Twitter, one that involved him and Brooke Shields looking, well, different.

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The image features a RDJ in dressy v-neck vest without an undershirt and yellow-tinted glasses. His hairstyle, or lack thereof, leaves a lot to be desired. Brooke, meanwhile, rocks a nose ring and a puffy red vest baring her midriff.

Welcome to the mid 90s, ladies and gentlemen. Apparently smiles were strictly forbidden during that time.

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Robert also found humor and nostalgia in the image, captioning it, "From the great hair gel shortage of '93… #TBT."

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We bow down to you, Robert Downey Jr., for posting this walk down memory lane, but we think modern-day RDJ looks just a wee bit better.