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By Wonderwall Editors

Robert Pattinson had some choice words on the subject of loyalty while discussing his latest film, "The Rover," at a recent press stop in Los Angeles.

"I think loyalty is probably the most important trait in a friendship," he said during a press conference for the post-apocalyptic flick, a futuristic Western set in the Australian outback. "It's definitely very important."

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Was the British import making a subtle dig at ex-love and "Twilight" co-star Kristen Stewart? Back in July 2012, the actress got caught cheating on Rob with her married "Snow White and the Huntsman" director, Rupert Sanders. Though the erstwhile Bella and Edward briefly reconciled, they eventually called it quits for good when Rob found himself unable to forgive his girlfriend of more than three years for her betrayal.

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While K.Stew may not have proved worthy of Rob's trust, the sexy star has apparently lucked out by scoring lifelong friends who are, in fact, quite loyal: "I was really lucky to have pretty great friends growing up," he said. "I think I've had all my friends for at least 10 years."

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In spite of his romantic misfortunes -- and affinity for making dark indie dramas! -- the "Rover" star insists he's anything but pessimistic when it comes to his outlook on life. "I have a very optimistic view of the world -- mainly because I like my life!" he said.

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Another subject on which the British actor feels great optimist is his career post "Twilight."

"I don't really have any particular preconceived plan," he said of his recent string of darker indie films. "You can't really predict what an audience is going to like or want -- or even if they're going to follow you to anything. I think if you try to make challenging stuff and you put your heart into it, hopefully at least one other person is going to like it."