Rosie O'Donnell tells Oprah Winfrey about her tenure at "The View," and that she and her ex remain "co-parents" to their children.

Of her famous on-air spat with Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Rosie says she was angered because her co-host acted "different on TV than in the dressing room." Their face-off hurt her feelings, because she says, "It was a betrayal of my friendship."

While she stands by her decision to leave the show, she says she regrets what happened backstage with Barbara Walters during a heated exchange afterward. Rosie regrets the backstage blowup. "I think I scared her," Rosie says. "I'm 200 pounds, when I stand up and say 'do you not have a human heart?' it's crazy."

In another revealing conversation on today's "Oprah," Rosie says lesbian break-ups are different than their heterosexual counterparts because women "stay connected."

On her split with wife Kelli Carpenter, she says, "I think that what you want at 30 ... is very different than what you want when you're 40. A lot of things sort of changed and shifted."

Rosie added that her children have helped her through the separation, especially her eldest. "He's like my little yoda," she says of son Parker, now 14.

Now she's found a new love in Tracy Kachtick-Anders, who has six children of her own. "I felt like I knew her right away," Rosie says of her new partner. She also says they plan to move in together in the near future and combine their families.

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