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Just because Sandra Bullock isn't live tweeting the debates doesn't mean that the actress doesn't have an opinion on politics.

During a press conference on Oct. 16 for her new film "Our Brand is Crisis," Bullock said, "I just want what's best for our country."

The Oscar winner said that what drives her opinions for the country is whatever she believes is best for her son Louis.

"I would like my rights represented and those of my son -- very selfish views and I think everyone else has them," she says. "When this film came along, it came along at a time that I was having that internal discussion with myself about who in our country would step out of their comfort zone to help others for the greater good."

The 51-year-old actress, who also said she'd "do anything" for her son, added that her current political beliefs are a result of her upbringing and being the daughter of one Republican and one Democrat. She says her split home showed her how to push the limits.

The Oscar winner also added that her late mother, Helga Meyer, who was a voice teacher and an opera singer, "did things that were definitely ahead of her time, as a woman."

Bullock also talked about sexism in Hollywood and how she didn't realize how deep it ran until she was far ahead in her career.

"I never realized that there were limitations where I was looked at as less than until I was actually pretty deep in this business and I had a pretty unsettling moment, and I went 'Oh my god, I'm being treated this way because I'm female,'" she said.

Limited or not -- Bullock is powering through her career and still nabbing roles left and right. "Our Brand is Crisis" arrives in theaters on Oct. 30, 2015.