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By Jennifer Odell with reporting by Mary S. Park

Love her or hate her, Sarah Palin's run for Vice President in 2008 drove her almost as far into the pop culture sphere as the political one.

After inspiring one of Tina Fey's most famous impersonations, Palin landed her own appearance on "SNL," followed by a comedy spot that even Jon Stewart admitted was pretty darn funny.

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Her daughter Bristol's storied relationship with Levi Johnston remains tabloid fodder, music legend Ted Nugent honored her in this week's issue of Time, and now everyone's favorite rogue Alaskan is getting her own reality show.

Wonderwall caught up with "Sarah Barracuda" at last night's gala to celebrate Time's 100 Most Influential People in the World at Lincoln Center in New York, where she regaled us with updates about her show, her family and more.

WONDERWALL: What's your new reality show, "Sarah Palin's Alaska" all about?

SARAH PALIN: It's an Alaskan documentary and we'll be showing off the beauty and the ruggedness and the uniqueness of Alaska, our natural environment and the characters that make her living.

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WW: Elton John was also celebrated in Time's list of influential famous folks -- are you a fan of his music?

SP: I do! I was a kid in the '70s and '80s so yeah!

WW: How proud are you of your daughter Bristol now that she's overcome so many challenges?

SP: That is an awesome question! I am very proud of Bristol. To take responsibility and to be quite independent and strong and know that she's no longer living her life for herself but for another human being. I'm very proud of the discipline she's shown.

WW: How does it feel to have your family around you supporting you?

SP: My family is my world, I breathe them. They are extremely important to me -- and this man, [my husband, Todd]!

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WW: What do you think of offshore drilling?

SP: We need to drill these domestic supplies. It we don't get it here, we're going to get it elsewhere. We need to drill here.

WW: How does Madame President sound?

SP: You're good!