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By Radar Staff

Scott Disick has long struggled to escape his wild past, but the latest bombshell revelation that is set to explode could blow both his five-year relationship with Kourtney Kardashian and their entire family apart, the new issue of Star magazine is exclusively reporting.

"It's true that Scott began videotaping himself having sex with girls when he was in his late teens, and then he'd steal from them!" claims model Brittany Reichek, a former friend of Scott, who dated one of his closest pals for five years, and spent a lot of time running in the same circles back in New York.

"Scott and one of his buddies had a system," Brittany, 29, tells Star. "They would pass themselves off as wealthy stockbrokers, pick up girls in the clubs in the Hamptons, get drunk with them, then take them back to their parents' homes and claim the houses were their own.

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"When the time was right, Scott and his friend would go through their handbags and steal just about anything they could get their hands on," including cell phones, camera, cash and even credit cards, she alleged.

Although no charges were ever filed against the pair in connection with their alleged scam and a rep for Scott, 29, denies Star's story, Scott and his pal allegedly "videotaped girls and stole from them more than 50 times in the years I was around him," said Reichek. "I think Scott got as good a high just from the actual things he stole."

The confession from his old party pal couldn't come at a worst time for Scott and Kourtney, whose partnership has become so volatile lately that even the birth of their second child, Penelope, on July 8, couldn't ease the tension.

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Now a father of two and a famous reality star, Brittany said she thinks Scott has changed somewhat, but "only for self-preservation, not to be a better person."

For the full story, the new issue of Star magazine is on newsstands Thursday.

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