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Simon Cowell is putting some distance between himself and the scandal surrounding his pregnant paramour, Lauren Silverman. On Sunday, the dream-squishing "X Factor" judge was photographed jet-skiing (see pic below) near his ridiculously luxurious yacht in the south of France. With the wind blowing through his immobile, middle-parted mane (not to mention the less rigid fur on his chest), Simon appeared to have few worries about becoming a father with a woman who's in the midst of a bitter split from his onetime friend.

Cowell, 53, is "happy to be on vacation," a source tells People. "It's obvious that the drama between Lauren and [husband] Andrew that involved Simon makes him a bit upset."

Luckily, he has plenty of distractions on his rented, $80 million yacht, including former flame/longtime friend Sinitta and a bevy of bikini-sporting blondes.

Lauren, however, is not on board. While Cowell "has been in contact with [her] since her divorce turned messy," he doesn't plan to see her "in person until things calm down," explains the snitch.

But has he seen her estranged husband? The London Express claims Simon made a stop in New York before his vacation to clear the air with former buddy Andrew.

"There didn't seem to be any animosity -- they seemed just like normal friends," an eyewitness to the alleged three-hour airport meet-up tells the paper, with a Cowell confidant adding, "Simon must have gone to great lengths to make sure this meeting was kept private because he didn't even tell his close friends. He always believes seeing someone in person to talk about difficult issues is the best way. They are all doing whatever they can to keep it amicable."

Simon has been encouraging Lauren "to quickly figure things out with Andrew so they can move forward with their divorce," the insider adds to People. "He cares about her and has been checking in on her and the baby."

According to the London Daily Mail, one of those check-ins was punctuated by a nearly $40,000 diamond eternity bracelet. The "gorgeous" bauble arrived at Lauren's summer home in the Hamptons right around her 36th birthday last month and apparently "overwhelmed" her.

"Everyone knows Simon is very generous," relays a source, "but this was more than a birthday gift. It was a sign of his commitment to her and the baby."

But that ostensible commitment supposedly doesn't extend to shacking up.

"Simon still has no plans to move in with Lauren," says the People mole, but with the deep-pocketed mogul's vast property holdings in Beverly Hills, he "can put up Lauren in one of [them when he's working in L.A.] so he can spend time with his baby."

TMZ says Lauren is currently searching for a home base in New York so she can remain close to her 7-year-old son with Andrew. Custody issues are still being hammered out between the divorcing duo, although a joint agreement is expected to be reached.


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