Zacharie Scheurer / Invision/AP 1 / 2
Zacharie Scheurer / Invision/AP 1 / 2

Pop star Sky Ferreira and her rocker boyfriend, Zachary Cole Smith, have been arrested on drugs charges, according to a report.

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The "Everything Is Embarrassing" singer and her DIIV frontman partner were allegedly held in New York on the morning of Sept. 14 for possession of controlled substances.

Reports suggest the couple were arrested after cops pulled over their vehicle in Saugerties, near Poughkeepsie, and discovered heroin and Ecstasy.

Smith was also charged with possession of stolen property and aggravated unlicensed driving amid suspicions the vehicle was fitted with stolen license plates, according to The publication that reported on the couple's arrest, The Daily Freeman, writes that Smith was found to be in possession of "42 decks (bags) of heroin," while Ferreira was "found in possession of Ecstasy and resisted arrest."

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The two were taken to Ulster County jail and later released on bail, Pitchfork reports.