GONZALO / Bauer-Griffin 1 / 4
GONZALO / Bauer-Griffin 1 / 4

"Bachelor" star Courtney Robertson created a major frenzy with the show's fans when she was photographed trying on wedding dresses in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

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Robertson (who is engaged to Ben Flajnik) planned the surprising outing at the Mark Zunino dress store herself -- "for attention," a source told Us Weekly -- and the moment wasn't captured by a TV camera crew. The next day a more somber looking Robertson, 28, was spotted in a long sleeve T-shirt by Wildfox with the phrase "Love Potion No. 9." It's not the first time the brunette wore a telling top. In Episode 5, she ironically chose a "Be Nice" tank top for a group date.

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The model, who's been slammed by fellow contestants for her shameless ploy to win Flajnik's heart, hit the gym and grabbed a green smoothie. Despite her low-key appearance, Robertson is extremely high-maintenance.

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"She had to take a four-hour nap before every event," former bachelorette Monica Spannbauer says of the villainess.

Even her clothing choices on the show were calculated, says another source. "She was very particular about what she wore and when she wore it."

But the most hated contestant in the show's history might be winning some sympathy votes right now. Her Wednesday visit to the bridal store was the same day that Us Weekly's new issue published photos of winemaker Flajnik, 29, partying, flirting, kissing and fondling three different women in San Francisco two weekends ago.