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Things aren't looking so sunny among the remaining stars of "The Hills."

On Thursday, Spencer Pratt went on a rampage against his castmate Audrina Patridge.

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"I would like to make it CLEAR! My wife and audrina have severed all ties! We no longer deal with that fake world and fake people like her," Pratt, 26, tweeted.

During a Tuesday appearance on "Lopez Tonight," Patridge, 24, said that Montag has "changed a bit" in personality and physical appearance since they met. "She got her chin chiseled, her nose done again, her cheeks, boobs redone, lipo, butt job, I don't know ten procedures ... in one day...It's a lot.""

Pratt apparently didn't appreciate her comments. "Audrina, Don't hate because your nasty Tijuana plastic surgery got you no press," he spat.

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Bringing Patridge's beau Ryan Cabrera into the tirade, he then sniped: "Who elected you to gage cool - B---H! Why don't u and ur played out 90s singer Cabrera go into a bathroom stall and do what u do best..."

He then added ominously: "Oh the truth is coming... I'm not playing anymore. Everyone stay tuned... its all coming out!"

Once again singling out Patridge, he quipped, "Audrina - you want press? Leak another 50 naked photos of yourself like u did to get relevant to in the first place."

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A rep for Patridge has no comment about the insults.

Earlier this week, sources told PerezHilton that Pratt and Montag planned to accuse "Hills" creator Adam DiVello of sexually harassing Montag, 23. DiVello and former star Lauren Conrad both called the allegations "absurd."

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