Dan Steinberg / Invision/AP
Dan Steinberg / Invision/AP

They always did say, the devil is in the details. For Whitney Duncan, this detail is something most people do not forget.

"Survivor: South Pacific" contestant Whitney Duncan was listed as single in her bio for the show and then continued to act the part with Keith Tollefson, another contestant on the show. But according to a report from People magazine, she got married before she left to tape the hit CBS show.

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So who's her husband? Musician Donny Fallgatter.

A source close to musician Donny Fallgatter tells People that the couple met in June 2010 at the CMA Music Festival in Nashville, and before she left to shoot the show, they announced their engagement this past May.

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"Donny was totally faithful while she was gone," a friend of Fallgatter's told the magazine. "He even went to help out at her parents' house in west Tennessee a couple times."

There has been no word from the "Survivor" camp about what went on with Duncan during filming. But looks like there is trouble in paradise.