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Young mothers stick together!

Despite rumors suggesting otherwise, "Teen Mom" star Maci Bookout and Bristol Palin are gal pals.

"We are good friends," Bookout, 19, tells Tennessee native Bookout and Alaskan Palin, 20, got acquainted at various events devoted to education about teen motherhood and abstinence. "We're friends outside of ... TV and the press," Bookout explains.

And although they both have been the subject of intense media scrutiny, that's not what they bond over. "We talk more about our kids and our babies' dads and stuff," Bookout tells Us.

It helps that their little ones are just a few months apart in age: Bentley, Bookout's son with ex-fiance Ryan Edwards, recently turned 2; Tripp, Palin's boy with ex-fiance Levi Johnston, turns 2 in December.

"We're not BFFs," Bookout clarifies. "But we definitely keep in touch and make sure everything is going good with each other."

What about rumors that Palin didn't want Bookout or any other "Teen Mom" stars in the audience for "Dancing With the Stars"? "I definitely don't think it's true," says Bookout, who attended a recent taping of the ABC show, where Palin is a semifinalist. "It was actually a lot of fun -- upbeat and hyper!" Bookout said, adding that she even votes for her buddy.

Another report claims the duo will team up for a spin-off reality show together. Also bogus, Bookout insists; Palin even joked about the rumor with a text. "She was like, 'So, I was just wondering how our new show is going,'" Bookout says. "We just laugh about it."


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