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Peter Kramer / Invision/AP 1 / 7

By Dana Flax

Considering "shy" and "Real Housewives" have never been in the same sentence before now, we weren't too shocked that Jersey girl Teresa Giudice chatted with about her newly-augmented bustline (AKA her "bubbies"), among other things. However, we can't say we weren't interested in what came out of her mouth. Check out some highlights from the interview below, then check out the rest here.

On why her "bubbies" might be lookin' bigger this season:

"I did it for myself, because I didn't feel sexy. You know, I would only want to have sex in the dark. At first, I liked my little bubbies. They were A cups. They reminded me of Kelly Ripa, who is so secure about herself. But after breastfeeding my three daughters, they deflated! Joe even said it once on the show last season, 'Geez, all you have is nipples!' I couldn't believe he said that, but he was right. So when I said I wanted to get a boob job, Joe said, 'Whatever makes you happy, go for it.' After I got them, he saw that I was more sure of myself, and he liked them. I mean, it worked. Look, we had another baby! The reason I chose the doctor I did -- Dr. Zubowski in Paramus -- is because Caroline got a tummy tuck from him. Now he gets so much business because of the show. I'm happy about that, because he's the best. My boobs look real, right?"

On daughter Gia's comments that she "would never marry a Jewish person":

"I think that happened because, one time, we were in Brooklyn, and Gia saw all these Orthodox Jews -- there were so many of them, the ones with the long black coats and the long curls. And she had never seen anything like that before. So she asked, 'Mommy, why do those men have those curls hanging down the side of their heads?' And I said, 'Honey, that's their religion.' I never explained to her that there are different kinds of Jewish people. So I guess she put it in her head that all Jewish people wear their hair like that. After that episode aired, I explained to Gia what happened and she said, 'Oh, Mommy! I hope nobody hates me.' But then someone told me that Danielle [Staub] in her blog called my daughter semi-racist or something. How dare she!"

On getting husband Joe to help out more at home:

"Joe's amazing. He does a lot. Well, not a lot. But I trained him good. He started helping when I had Milania, our third. But before Milania, he didn't do nothing. I'm not the type to tell my husband to do things. By the time you tell them, you might as well do it yourself. But now that we have four children, Joe does the food shopping. I mean, if I put the four girls in the car, where am I going to put the food? So I make a list for Joe, and he does it. And when he comes home, I put the food away, and he holds the baby. The other times that I'm not with my girls, like when I'm filming and doing book signings, my husband is with them. My work gives my husband time to be alone with our girls."

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