Monday night was hometown date night on "The Bachelorette" and Ali Fedotowsky traveled coast-to-coast to meet the final four bachelors' -- Roberto, Chris L., Kirk and Frank -- families.

First stop was Tampa, FL, where Roberto presented Ali with a baseball jersey that had her name on it, but also his number from when he played college ball. They played a little pitch-and-hit and then Roberto surprised her by with a baseball card -- his baseball card -- from when he was on a team in Williamsburg.

Ali admitted that she was a little nervous about meeting Roberto's family, and he cautioned her that his dad is tough. So, she wasn't surprised when Roberto Sr. asked her hard questions about juggling her career and motherhood -- to which she replied, "The question would be: What is best for my family?"

"Bringing Ali home today is a sign I am serious about her," said Roberto, who got his mother's blessing to propose after he told her how he feels about Ali: "There is that good feeling I get when I look at her and everything is okay. If things keep going, and I get a chance to propose to her, I probably will."

Ali's second stop was Cape Cod to meet Chris L.'s family, but first the 33-year-old landscaper took her to the beach and to his home.

"I want to start new memories with Ali," said Chris, who had moved home to help out his family when his late mother became ill. "I want to find the person who makes me smile and happy and makes nothing else matter."

And Ali said, "I feel closer to him than I ever have."

Then it was family time and Ali presented Chris' family with the bottles of wine that she and Chris bought in Portugal, which was where they had their last solo date.

At a family dinner, Chris' dad charmed Ali with the story of how he met his late wife.

"I always knew that family was important to Chris, but now I understand it," Ali said.

It is Meagan, Chris' sister-in-law, who is the most protective of him, and her concern was that Chris was one of four guys in competition for Ali's heart.

"I hope things work out for Chris and Ali. I would be beyond happy," Meagan says.

While Chris' dad tells Ali, "My goal before I leave this planet is to see all three [of my] sons happy and with a partner."

From Cape Cod, Ali headed to Green Bay, WI, where she met both sides of Kirk's family. She had to make two different stops because Kirk's parents are divorced and don't speak, which concerned Ali because she felt their divorce caused him to have trust issues.

Ali is shocked when Kirk's dad takes her downstairs to see his basement, which is full of stuffed, dead animals. His hobby is taxidermy.

"Walking downstairs and seeing all the animals on the wall is creepy. I love animals but I love them when they are alive," Ali said.

When Kirk talked to his dad about Ali, his father gave him a checklist of things to consider in the relationship, but he also told his son that he believes he is a smart guy who will make the right decision.

Kirk was satisfied with how things went at his father's house. So, then it was on to his mom's house, where Ali also met his sister and grandmother.

"The fact that Kirk has not had a long-term relationship is of concern to me," she said. While Kirk said, "I am a thousand percent on board."

Expanding on that, he told his sister, "Ali is magnetic. I feel better when I am close to her. I haven't hid anything from her. I know I am ready finally to give in a relationship."

The final stop on Ali's hometown visits was Chicago, IL, where she tried to figure out what was going on with Frank.

"It is up and down, but it is really hard," he told Ali when she asked what he felt about their relationship. "This is really important to me. This is the biggest decision potentially of our lives. It is only natural that it is tough. I could have so much faith and you could send me home tomorrow."

Ali tried to reassure him and told him that he shouldn't be worried about what she is feeling, but rather he should be focused on whether or not he feels that she is the one for him.

"When we are together, we are perfect. It is when Frank starts analyzing things that it gets iffy. I can't reassure Frank that my feelings are strong forever," she said.

Then, Frank explained to his family that he and Ali hit it off right away, but his insecurities surfaced and he posed the questions: "We felt like a couple right away. I see us as an amazing couple, but how far does that take you? Is what I have a forever thing, or just another amazing relationship?"

Frank's sister Becky tried to reassure Ali about Frank's feeling by telling "The Bachelorette," "He is an emotional guy. He is guided by his emotions. He is making himself vulnerable and he is getting scared."

When she was getting ready to leave, Ali commented, "I was hoping that Frank's family would reassure him. At this point, I think there is a real good possibility that Frank and I will end up together at the end of this."

After Ali recapped her four hometown dates with host Chris Harrison, it was time for the rose ceremony. Ali started crying before she even saw the guys because she knew she was going to hurt one of them.

She told the four men, "This has nothing to do with families. Your families are all so great. Each of my relationships grew this week. That is what makes this much harder. I don't want to do this."

So saying, she handed out the first rose to Roberto; the second to Chris; and the final rose went to Frank, sending Kirk home.

But before he left, she told him, "I think the world of you. It isn't about you or me, I just don't know if we are right together."

To which he responded, "It hurts because I tried to be open about everything and I haven't done that before. It hurts knowing that I gave all to you and it wasn't what you were looking for."

Then in the limo, Kirk added, "I really, really did not see this coming. I have never had my heart broken before. I have always been the one to leave the relationship. I could see myself proposing to her. I would have taken that leap of faith. This sucks."

"The Bachelorette" returns next Monday at 8 p.m. on ABC, when Ali and the remaining three bachelors head to romantic Tahiti.

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