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By Stacie Anthony

It's been an incredible year for The Band Perry. The trio of siblings has been on tour with one of country music's legendary groups, Rascal Flatts. They have a brand-new chart-topping album, "Pioneer." And their platinum-selling hit single "Better Dig Two," off their sophomore album has been nominated for a 2013 CMT Music Award for Group Video of the Year. The award show airs live from Nashville on June 5 on CMT at 8/7 CST. Wonderwall recently caught up with Kimberly, Neil and Reid, who dished about the CMTs, performing in Nashville and their upcoming tour in 2014.

Wonderwall: What are your most memorable moments from past CMT Music Awards shows?

Kimberly: "The CMT Awards was the first award show that we got to perform a full three-and-a-half-minute song [brothers cheer] which was a really big deal for us because we had only gotten to perform a few little tidbits before that. For us, that award show was a little bit of a coming-out party. It was a blast, and remember, we did 'You Lie' and I got to play piano for a part of it, so it was a really fun performance, it was a great show."

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Wonderwall: What do you love most about performing in Nashville, Tenn.?

Reid: "We've been doing this for 14 years, so performing was the first thing that we've ever done and have always done the longest but performing on award shows is interesting because we try to bring as much of our live element to the stage and on a screen as we can, but we have to find little ways to make it bigger and better than even how we do it live."

Kimberly: "One of my favorite parts too is just to see so many different artists on one stage. It's cool … we all kind of push each other as different artists do is to bring our best and that's to me what makes these shows so great and it's exciting, it's a challenge."

Wonderwall: When you're not touring, what do you do for fun?

Kimberly: "Well, I tell ya, we always have to kind of think of how to answer this question, and not sound totally dull because we really, really spend just about six to seven days a week touring, and sometimes it's 13 or 14 days touring. So our time off is spent kinda doing nothing. It's really important for us to unwind and be still for a second, as simple as it sounds: to like, just have time to think. Thinking leads to our creativity, so we really try to spend that time going separate directions, being quiet, living alone, kind of unwinding a bit. And doing laundry. Very important!"

Wonderwall: Kimberly, do you feel like a protective older sis? Or is it the boys, who have more of a protective instinct?

Kimberly: "I think that we're all three protective of each other, for sure. I definitely like to feel like I have a hand on the steering wheel from time to time, but I think that you know the bossiness has kind of been divided among the three of us a lot over the past couple years, and it kind of evened it all out. And they're really protective over me and I'm protective over them as well."

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Wonderwall: What's in store for The Band Perry this year?

Kimberly: "We are on the tour with [Rascal] Flatts, all the way through the fall, and then we're spending this whole year planning our headlining tour … in 2014 and that's going to start. We're going to get things kicked off in Canada and then we're making our way down to the States, so it's going to be a really exciting year, and it took a heck of a lot of planning so we're already in the dreaming-up phases."