Host Andy Cohen has announced that Bravo's hit reality show, "The Real Housewives of New Jersey," just lost one of their most fiery members!

Danielle Staub has said goodbye to the show after its second season."The reunion was Danielle's last appearance on "The Real Housewives of New Jersey," Andy told Bravo on Monday.

During the explosive conclusion to last week's reunion episode, the cast recapped the major events of the last season.

The night started with the ladies re-living the incident where Danielle's friend Danny used a gay slur to refer to Caroline Manzo's son. After watching the clip, Andy expressed that even he was offended by Danny's comments. "I apologize that you were offended, but I can't take responsibility for it," said Danielle, who describes herself as a gay advocate. She then added to her defense, saying, "I no longer speak to [Danny] as a result of that."

When the conversation began to heat up, it didn't take long before Danielle stormed off the stage. She felt that the three other ladies were ganging up on her all at once and wished that she could take them all "one at a time." When the interview resumed and Danielle found her way back to the couch, Cohen instructed the cast to remain seated for the duration of the show.

Then, the topic shifted to Jacqueline Laurita's daughter Ashley. "Ashley is a very strong-willed child," Jacqueline said. She then elaborated, "She's 19 years old -- she's got to make her own choices. And she'll learn by her own consequences." Danielle currently has a pending law suit against Ashley for allegedly assaulting her.

The episode took another turn when Kim G. made a surprise appearance on the panel. Danielle accused Kim of using her, to which Kim replied, "I was used, too."

The show ended on a calmer tone. Danielle seemingly tried to bury the hatchet with Jacqueline with this statement: "I'm sorry for everything to do with Ashley. I really do care about her as a person and as a girl and as a young woman. All I wanted was an 'I'm sorry.'" And when asked whether Danielle would drop any litigation that she has against any of the "Housewives," Danielle definitively told the panel: "I will contact my attorneys and make sure that there is peace for everybody."

With her leaving the show, Danielle follows in the footsteps of former cast member Dina Manzo, who left the show last season.

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