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By Michelle Lanz

Have you been dying to tell that "I met a famous person!" story to an audience larger than your Facebook friends? Of course you have! Wonderwall wants to hear your story for an upcoming series called "True Celebrity Encounters."

While you try to remember all the details of your own celeb tale, I'll divulge one of my recent close encounters of the famous kind...

It all went down on on May 18, when I was ever so graciously invited by Disney to attend a special screening of "Prince of Persia" in Los Angeles. Since I was attending as a member of the media, I was aware that Jake Gyllenhaal himself was going to make an appearance.

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Mere minutes after taking my seat, the moment arrived. Jake entered and was introduced to the screaming (and I mean screaming) delight of the mostly female audience. He strolled in, said a few words of thanks, pointed at himself and said, "This is the real 'Sex and the City.'" (Yes, he really said that.) He was then ushered into the seat immediately to my right ... right next to me.

This was exciting for obvious reasons, but also because I was scheduled to do a phone interview with him the next day. I was hoping to chat him up a bit so we'd get more out of our brief 10-minute conversation. And honestly I thought it'd be cool to meet him in a non-red-carpet situation.

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Next thing I knew, a photographer and about 200 cell phone users proceeded to snap shot after shot of Jake, and coincidentally, me! After about a minute, Jake stood up, waved to the crowd, thanked us again and left.

A day later I saw a short piece about this event on with a line that read, "The ladies sitting next to him seemed especially starstruck." Perhaps a bit of hyperbole, but whatever. Then I found a report by something called USA Newsweek (which I am guessing has nothing to do with USA Today or Newsweek), which claimed, "The girls who were sitting next to the superstar simply can't believe that their favorite actor was amidst them." Innocent, but not true. First of all, Jake is not my favorite actor. And secondly, I knew he was going to be there.

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FInally, a gossip blog took it up a notch by reporting that, "Our dear Jakey poo sauntered in and sat with the crowd to watch the film." I was there, right next to him, and he most definitely did not stay for any fraction of the film. If only there were a place to set the record straight about what really happened. *Sigh.*

Don't let someone muck up your true celebrity encounter. If you have a story to tell, send the details to

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