Despite her tweets of feeling "uncomfortable" while in the New York Jets locker room, Inés Sainz, a reporter for TV Azteca in Mexico and Azteca America in the United States, says that she didn't feel sexually harassed.

Sainz -- a former Miss Spain and Miss Universe contestant -- was on the sidelines on Saturday for a Jets practice and later in the locker room where she was allegedly harassed by the players and some of the coaches. The NFL is investigating the incident. "I didn't do this," Sainz told ET's Diane Dimond. "I'm not the one who made the demand." Sainz explained that it was another female colleague that was concerned about the Jets players' behavior towards her. "[This] is not my demand, [it's] the demand of the rest of the media."

Sainz did admit that while in the locker room players began to whistle and make jokes in her direction. She also disclosed that when she was on the sidelines that the men began to throw footballs in her vicinity. Sainz was there to interview quarterback Mark Sanchez and explained to ET that when she began hearing comments made about her, she walked over to a spot to wait for Sanchez and tweet on her phone to look busy. Sainz tweeted in Spanish: "I'm so uncomfortable! I'm in the Jets locker room waiting for Mark Sanchez and trying not to look around me." She later wrote: "I want to cover my ears."

New York Jets owner Woody Johnson issued Sainz an apology, but the reporter said she told him "don't worry, nothing happened." She told Dimond in heavily-accented English, "It's not my intention to have publicity for this."

The reporter, who is also a lawyer, told ET that she does not plan to file a lawsuit against the NFL team. The Jets took on the Baltimore Ravens last night in Monday Night Football, losing 10-9.

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