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Vienna Girardi and Kasey Kahl's made-for-TV romance is over.

"Yes, Vienna and I have split," Kahl, 27, confirmed on Twitter Monday. "It's been five weeks now. I can't fake it anymore. I will always love, be there for her, and wish her the best."

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Girardi, 25, added that Kahl "will always be my friend, but yes, we have split. No idea what the future holds for us, but we will always remain friends."

The "Bachelor Pad 2" couple began dating in March 2011, though they initially tried to keep their relationship under wraps.

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"We were dating for about three months before we ever came out publicly," Girardi told Us Weekly in August. "I think having a public relationship is very hard because all of a sudden you don't even know if it's serious or if it's going to last."

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By August, the couple was living together in Los Angeles, though Girardi, who first competed for Jake Pavelka's affection in 2010, is currently back home in her native Florida.


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