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David Tonnessen / Pacific Coast News 1 / 5

By Rebecca Silverstein

Hollywood is always looking for the next, newest version of everything that we already have. (Hey, we're guilty of it too.) But after Miley Cyrus was spotted hanging out at Hollywood hotspot Voyeur for a friend's birthday party last week, she got a comparison that really no one wants these days: the next Lindsay Lohan.

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Who would come up with that disturbing moniker? A family "friend." The source tells Hollywood Life that Miley's parents have lost control of their golden child now that she's intent on showing the world that she's not little Hannah Montana anymore. "She's a sweet girl at heart, but she's starting to push the envelope," the insider says. "Between the fast-paced lifestyle and her new 'image,' everyone is saying that it's just a matter of time before she ends up in trouble. We don't want her to be the next Lindsay Lohan, but the odds are against her."

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Before you start putting your bets down in Vegas that Miley will be hooked on meth by the end of 2010, let's get the facts straight, shall we? Lindsay Lohan is a drug addict; Miley Cyrus is not, or at least there's been no proof that she is. In fact, the only things Miley seems to be addicted to are short shorts and see-through tops.

Now, I'm not saying Miley's a saint -- not unless the comparison is to Paris Hilton. And yes, it's inappropriate for a 17-year-old to be at a 21-and-over club that features topless dancers and S&M performances, but it's not totally unheard of. You can see worse stuff in R-rated movies. Besides, the girl has pole danced on an ice-cream cart on national TV. She could probably teach those Voyeur girls a thing or two.

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But there was no out-of-control behavior from Miley at Voyeur. "She wasn't drinking, just dancing with a girlfriend," a partygoer tells E! Online. Another eyewitness, who was sitting at the table next to Miley, agreed: "I was expecting her to be pretty wild, but in all honesty, she seemed pretty chill and looked like she was having a good clean time." Not drinking? Chill? A good clean time? Definitely doesn't sound Lohan-esque to me.

Back when Miley was in Paris filming "LOL," the media was abuzz that she went clubbing with costar Ashley Greene (gasp!) wearing a sexy lace top (double gasp!). But while she was in her legal rights to drink there, Star reports that all she was seen nursing that night was a lollipop. Whoa, let's stage an intervention, stat.

In sum, I think it's safe to say that Miley is not the "new" Lindsay, at least not yet. Check back with us next week.

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