Selena Gomez returns to the small screen tonight and everything is not as it seems when the new season of "Wizards of Waverly Place" premieres. Now, ET talks to the 18-year-old star about being a part of the wizarding world, dating and avoiding the pitfalls that other young stars experience.

ET: What can we look forward to this season on "Wizards of Waverly Place"?

Selena Gomez: It has definitely impressed me, to be honest, because our show has been on so long and we have done so many episodes. I know that magic is endless. I was a little weary coming into this season, wanting to make sure we came back with a bang. They have surprised me. We are coming back with really fun storylines.

ET: On the first episode, do you reveal to the world that you are a witch?

Selena Gomez: I do. I expose that we are wizards. It is actually a test that ends up kicking me and my brother out of the wizard competition. So throughout the whole season, you find my character and David Henrie's character trying to get back into the competition because that was actually a test.

ET: Do your fans really think you can do magic?

Selena Gomez: It is the sweetest thing, because I have little, little fans that come up to me and ask, "Can you really do magic?" And the mom behind them will be whispering, "Say yes. Say yes." I am, "Do you believe it's real?" They are, "Yes, it's real." And I say, "Then that's what makes the magic real." I always try to turn it back to them because I feel bad. Most of the time, they know. They ask about the green screen and how we shot it. They are interested in how we do certain spells.

ET: If you could do magic, what would you want to do?

Selena Gomez: I would love to rewind time. That would be an amazing spell if I wanted to have more time to sleep.

ET: Not even a do-over. Just more time?

Selena Gomez: Exactly.

ET: You play a witch Do you like scary stuff?

Selena Gomez: I am a big horror chick. I saw 'Paranormal Activity 2' and I loved it. I am obsessed with watching scary movies and being scared.

ET: You started acting young. Which actors that started their careers young and are still acting do you emulate?

Selena Gomez: For me, the person that I really admire because they came from this Disney world would be Shia LeBeouf. He had his own show on Disney Channel. He was really funny and I loved his show. Then he started to do films. Now he is doing really great films and he is respected as an actor. I really like him a lot as an actor. I think he is cute, too, so that helps. I feel that I can relate to him the most.

ET: How do you steer clear of the downfalls other young stars go through?

Selena Gomez: People ask me that, and it is so funny, because I don't know what to say to that. I am a normal kid. I don't do anything that is exciting. I make it a point that I would like to be known for my work, for my music, everything more than my personal life. I have never been the kind of person to put myself out there as much. I still make mistakes. That is the one thing I always want to tell my fans. I am not perfect. I am not the best person ever, but I try to be. It is something that I try to get across.

ET: With that attitude -- because you have dated someone that was chronicled in the press (Joe Jonas) -- do you keep that in mind when you think about who you want to date?

Selena Gomez: I don't think about it because I don't want that to be a factor. When it is right, it will be right and it will just happen. It shouldn't really concern anyone else. I don't think I will hide it, but I will be protective over that.

ET: You are known for doing kid's roles, do you want to break out of that?

Selena Gomez: I am definitely interested in being challenged as an actress. I wouldn't do anything that I wouldn't feel comfortable doing. I am 18, but I feel as if I am 15, so I am still really young and my heart is extremely young. I don't feel as if I would do anything too off the rail at the moment. I just hope that I can grow into those things and do dramas and things that are different, but still stuff that I am comfortable portraying.

The "Wizards of Waverly Place" premieres tonight at 9:45 p.m. on Disney Channel.

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