@yolandahfoster / Instagram 1 / 9
@yolandahfoster / Instagram 1 / 9

Going back to basics. Yolanda Foster is vowing to never artificially enhance her looks again.

The former "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star posted a photo of herself to Instagram on Aug. 14 that shows her on a private jet in recovery mode, having just had a procedure to remove a troublesome leaky implant.

"Homeward bound," the sleepy reality star wrote, adding that she is "grateful and down to the bare bone of the original 1964 model……" The year is a reference to the year that she was born.

The photo appears to show her chest bandaged from the surgical procedure.

In the caption of the photo, Yolanda also makes a vow that she is done enhancing her body with implants, botox, hair extensions and high lights and nail polish. The goal, she said, is to be "toxic free."

"Forced to honor my authentic self and respectfully owning it!!!" she wrote.

The 51-year-old mother to supermodels Bella and Gigi Hadid has been battling Lyme disease for several years and much of her social media is dedicated to her finding a cure. She felt as though she made major headway in curbing some of her pain when she and her doctor discovered the leaky implant a few weeks ago.

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection spread by ticks and her doctor believes the implant leaks have be exacerbating her symptoms, TMZ previously reported, saying that doctors think Yolanda's condition will become much more manageable, but it won't cure her.