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Zoe Saldana frequently gets her ass kicked in the gym -- and that's exactly how she likes it.

The 33-year-old tells Us Weekly she works with Hollywood-based trainer Steve Moyer to stay in shape and get red carpet ready. Because she considers herself an athlete, Saldana doesn't "walk in going, 'Oh, just make me beautiful!" she said Sunday at the Second Annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic in L.A.

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"We target whatever I want to target," she explained. "If I know I'm doing a movie and I need my thighs to get stronger, we start tackling exercises that strengthen the body. If I'm like, 'I'm going to an event in a week and I want my arms to look really toned,' we do stuff for that."

The "Colombiana" star added that she relies on Moyer because she doesn't "like to work out on my own. I like to get grilled!"

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Saldana's other workout essentials include drinking lots of water and listening to "really good music!"

"Right now I'm listening a Rihanna's 'We Found Love' a lot," she told Us, adding that she's a fan of a new band called Jessica 6. "They're so good!"

Once she's feeling red carpet ready, Saldana said she makes sure to eat a healthy meal before leaving the house.

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"It's important to not have an empty stomach when you're walking the red carpet because so many things can go wrong. Eat what makes you happy and not what makes you bloated and have a great time," she told Us. "That's always been my motto! And every now and then you can have a glass of wine -- it takes off the edge!"

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