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Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are having money problems yet again.

According to the Daily Mail, City National Bank has issued a default judgment against the couple for $188,000, saying the new parents took out a $400,000 loan in 2012 and only paid about half of it back.

The bank also wants another $17,000 that Tori allegedly overdrew from her checking account, the report says. Court records said she "caused her account to be overdrawn in the amount of $17,149.09. The defendant has not paid back the overdraft."

Tori and Dean rent a 4,714-square-foot home in a gated Los Angeles community, a home they moved into in December for $9,500 a month.

Last week, Dean McDermott was held in contempt of court and narrowly avoided jail time for unpaid spousal support to his ex-wife Mary Jo Eustace. A judge, though, allowed him and Mary to make a deal that would spare him jail time.

Dean reportedly gave Mary $2,500 in cash and is set to give her another payment on April 1.

Page Six said Mary "will not hesitate to re-file paperwork" to send Dean to jail if he doesn't follow through with payments.

Over the years, Tori and Dean have been riddled with money issues. Last year, it was reported that the reality stars had been slapped with a federal tax lien for $707,487.30 in unpaid taxes for 2014.

The news came just a few weeks after Tori and Dean made headlines as TMZ revealed they owed the state of California $259,108.23 in back taxes, also for 2014.

This all comes on top of some serious credit card debt: In January, American Express sued Tori to the tune of $37,981.97 in unpaid bills. In November, Tori was sued by American Express again for $87,000 credit card debt.