Everyone remembers their first job or their first seven!

Thanks to Alaskan songwriter Marian Call (@mariancall), the #firstsevenjobs hashtag surfaced on Twitter with many celebs responding to her very question, "What were your first seven jobs?"

She started with her own on Aug. 4 to show people how easy it is to write it out in Tweet form, and days later, many famous stars started responding with their own interesting career paths.

"Hamilton" star Lin-Manuel Miranda shared that he didn't achieve his Broadway success in any of his first seven jobs.

But unlike Lin-Manuel, "Scandal's" Tony Goldwyn got his dream job at number seven.

Perhaps what's even more interesting is how Buzz Aldrin became an Astronaut in his fourth job. But his current job as a Global Space Statesman sounds even more fascinating!

And then there are musicians Christina Perri, Ben Rector and Regina Spektor who showed what they did before they hit success with their music careers.

Actresses Mira Sorvino and Melissa Fumero both started out as babysitters.

TV hosts Stephen Colbert and Keith Olbermann also had different career trajectories before they got to the point of hosting their own broadcasts.

For former White House intern Monica Lewinsky, she started her career very young as an 8-year-old art dealer and lemonade stand seller.

Ellen DeGeneres did not take the question quite so seriously. However, she proved why she's a successful comedian with her own talk show at job seven after joking about being an exotic dancer twice.

See, sometimes seven can be a lucky number!